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Baby Groot Shirt-100% polyester

Baby Groot Shirt-100% polyester

SKU: GrootFlower1


Multiple styles of tees available depending on the "POP" of color and price range you prefer.

⭐️100% colored polyester shirt-most expensive, best color "POP" for design, shirt colors sell through fast so select a backup shirt color as restocks are less frequent

⭐️Gildan Softstyle (adult sizes only)-budget friendly, 65% polyester so great yet cheaper option for the color "POP" on the design, can be bleached if preferred, quick restocks

⭐️Bella+Canvas-middle man on price, 48% polyester so more vintage style for color for the design but more variety for the color of the shirt, can be bleached, quick restocks

This design can go on any size shirt from toddler to adults! The ink of this design adheres to the polyester content of the shirt. More polyester, more "POP" of the design. If you are looking for a bleached option, you will want some cotton content. I prefer Gildan Softstyle when bleaching but Bella+Canvas is another great option.

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